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Standardizing Your Business Computers

Should there be a process taken before you decide what to purchase for a company? Why standardize your equipment purchases? Do you need to go through your business computers software and keep them all on par?

Standardization is the process of creating standards to guide the creation of a good or service based on the consensus of all the relevant.

Standardization is key for any efficient support organization. Managed Service Providers (MSP) can bring IT expertise to businesses that may not otherwise be able to employ a dedicated IT staff. Standardization of hardware allows IT staff to familiarize themselves with select computers.

What happens when a business does not standardize?

  • Many IT administration tasks can turn into costly, one-time assignments, creating expertise that may never be needed again.
  • Almost every time a device fails, somebody must research the causes and possible remedies, including getting information or quotes from vendors, before making a decision and taking the next step.
  • Support costs and the time it takes to resolve issues increase dramatically, offsetting the savings from when companies made ad-hoc purchases of inexpensive hardware.
  • When unexpected crashes, viruses, malware, phishing attempts, or other digital threats occur, it can take longer to restore users data and applications.
  • Without streamlined, standardized technology purchasing, users may be temporarily stuck with a failing computer or a low-grade temporary replacement, which can degrade their productivity.

How can AcNode help your business achieve its goals with standardization?

  1. We recommend meaningful standardizations that can reduce your cost and management complexity.
  2. We can reduce your time spent on solving IT issues with standardization by easily updating and patching software; and monitoring your system efficiently.
  3. Standardization decreases compatibility issues by finding, buying, and replacing the parts to multiple types of hardware quickly without any issues.


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