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How Long Will Your PC Last?

To answer this simply, a desktop computer should last at least three years with laptops lasting from three to five years. They may both survive longer than that, but its utility will be limited as the components become less capable of running advanced applications.

If you are able to upgrade components, your PC may last up to 8 years but the accumulation of software, files, and updates would eventually take a toll on them.

Computers tend to be replaced in the business world every three to five years. In addition to any performance issues that may spur a replacement cycle, original service agreements for computer maintenance may have lapsed. This is further encouragement for buying a new round of computers.

However, your systems are home to all of your most sensitive business data. Whether you decide to donate your equipment or discard it, make sure to wipe each computer clean before it leaves the safety of your office.

10 Signs Your Computer Needs To Be Replaced:

  1. Frequent system crashes or freezes is an annoying problem and one of the most common causes is CPU failure. Proper troubleshooting steps may fix this issue.
  2. Blue Screen errors indicate that either your computers hardware or hardware drivers have failed.
  3. Strange noises from your hard drive such as grinding or clicking sounds may indicate that there is a problem with your hard drive.
  4. Issues with file corruption could be caused by viruses, malware, overheating components, power surges or outages caused by storms.
  5. Performance issues indicate faulty hardware but this could also be a sign that you need to upgrade your RAM.
  6. Computer booting problems such as your hard drive not working or failing completely. You should replace the hard drive and reinstall the OS to fix the problem.
  7. A loud system fan indicates that there is overheating inside your machine. Your fan is working overtime in an attempt to get on top of the problem. If you have this issue, call AcNode and our support team can assist you in finding the best solution.
  8. Random shutdowns could indicate that your CPU temperatures are high. It is a good idea to check your CPU temperatures and change the thermal compound or cooling system.
  9. The well-known beeping that sounds like morse code. In actual fact, the length of the beeps will tell you what is wrong and each series of beep codes refer to a particular issue in your system hardware.
  10. An electrical power surge is dangerous not only to the CPU but to other components as well. It may cause permant damage to the whole system.


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