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Introducing Copilot: Your Intelligent Assistant for Productivity

Have you heard the buzz about Copilot? Microsoft's latest innovation is here to revolutionize the way you work within Microsoft 365.


Protecting Your Emails: What is DMARC and Why Does it Matter?

Starting in February 2024, if your company sends more than 5,000 emails through Google or Yahoo, you'll need to know about DMARC. It's a security measure required by Google and Yahoo to make sure emails are safe from impersonation and scams. But what exactly is DMARC?


Another Microsoft 365 migration done and dusted.

Acnode recently migrated one of our long standing clients, Prism consultants, from the traditional onsite server environment to a fully cloud based solution using Microsoft 365 as a solution.


We have adapted and improved the way we deliver our quotes to you.

As part of our commitment to continuously improve our service to our clients, we have adapted and improved the way we deliver our quotes to you.


Load shedding. No problem. Internet. No Problem. ICT Support. No problem. VoIP telephony. No Problem.

To curb the pains of load shedding and to ensure that our IT helpdesk is available without interruption, Acnode took the initiative several months ago to install backup power at our Head office.



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