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Fiber Optic Connections

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Fiber Optic Connections

For the ultimate in high-speed internet connection and data transfer, fiber is the way forward for your clients and company. A fiber connection is essential for clients that regularly transfer sizeable amounts of information and require a reliable, scalable platform for their internet connection.

What is Fiber Optic Internet?

This is a connection that transports data along a cable that is made up of extremely thin plastic or glass filaments (or fibers) as opposed to copper wires.

With fiber, massive files (including movies or games) are split into much smaller data packets that are described in ones and zeros. A laser reads these and flashes their sequence in a code (similar to how Morse code works) into one end of the filament. It's carried along the insulated fiber bundle for up to 96.5 kilometers (60 miles) until it reaches its destination, where it is decoded.

Advantages of Fiber Optic Connections:
  • Copper cables heat up as they convey larger amounts of data, which weakens the signal and slows the connection. They also pick up interference. Fiber optic connections don't.
  • Fiber has high bandwidth.
  • It can also accommodate increasing bandwidth as necessary.
  • It is about 10 to 20 times faster than a conventional cable (at 1 Gbps). This means that a 2-hour high-definition movie would take about 40 seconds to download via fiber, 7 minutes using a cable internet connection (speed: 100 Mbps), 25 minutes using 4G LTE (35 Mbps), and 30 minutes with DSL (25 Mbps).
  • It's extremely reliable, not subject to peak traffic overloads.
  • It's not subject to power outages like cable internet. As long as the fibers are connected, they'll transfer data.
  • It is resistant to electromagnetic interference from nearby devices or from within the system itself.
  • Fiber allows for the early detection of cable damage.
  • It offers secure transmissions.
  • Your internet speed never gets lowered in response to heavy traffic because fiber connections are significantly less susceptible to becoming overloaded.
  • Fiber offers the same speed for uploading and downloading.
  • It's part of creating a healthier environment because the signal is completely contained within the cable. So, there's no risk of the signals contributing to cancer or other health problems.
  • With exponentially more bandwidth, fiber offers reliable and quick data transmission across multiple devices without compromising on quality.

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